Security & Convenience of your Smart Home

Security & Convenience of your Smart Home

Securing your home with alarms, sensors or an intercom is an important aspect of home security and surveillance. #SmartHome capabilities allow you to integrate everything from cameras to your doorbell and enable triggered events that can open doors or turn on the lights. This guide will help you understand the benefits of investing in smart home technology to secure your home.


Camera Surveillance

Our world is becoming increasingly security conscious, and camera surveillance is an important aspect of that. Specifically, cameras can be used to enable trigger-based events and remotely verify activity that is going on in or around your home.

For example, shopping online is now the norm – have you ever been away from home while a packaged was delivered and started worrying about whether or not it was safe? Or perhaps you have something that needs to be delivered inside, but only want to open the door as they arrive?

A smart home that integrates cameras gives you the power to remotely verify the identity of the person at your home and open doors as needed. You can watch a delivery person walk up to your door and drop off your packages, or you can monitor your pet sitter as they feed or walk your dog!

As soon as someone approaches your home, the camera will automatically send you a notification with an image of who is there. Likewise, some tools allow for visual image recognition that will let you know exactly who is outside of your home.

Most camera surveillance systems provide continuous streaming options, so you can check on your house – or its inhabitants – at any time.


Customised Security Responses

One of the biggest advantages of implementing a smart home security system is that you can customise security responses for various situations. Alarm sensors can be used to trigger different actions such as turn on the lights or notify you that someone has opened the door.

You can also create a sequence of triggered events such as turning the lights on when somebody in your family is recognised by the camera at your front door - or automatically locking the door as soon as it's shut behind them.

What about what happens when the security alarm goes off? Depending on your unique situation and family circumstances, the next steps will vary but should be defined as part of your smart home system.

Let's say that you're out of town and the home is empty, you may set the alarm to automatically contact local law enforcement to check out what is going on. However, if you've got friends and family that like to pop in unannounced, you may want to add an extra step before the police are called!

It is best to work with a smart home security expert so that they can help you understand all of the different options you have available to you. Remember that the goal is to make things more convenient for you and your family, so to do that you have to understand what will work best in each situation.


What about an Intercom?

An intercom is a unique smart home security feature that allows you to conveniently communicate with anyone at your door. You can utilize a doorbell intercom to let the delivery driver know to drop off your pizza at the door or check in on your kids to make sure they got home okay after school!

An external door intercom can also help improve security because you can speak with anyone that approaches your home, giving them the idea that the house is occupied.


Smart Lock Integration

SmartLink Automation

Smart lock integration is another convenient security feature for your smart home. There are many locks to choose from, and to be honest a traditional deadbolt just does not cut it anymore.

Whether you choose a smart lock with a key fob or a pin-pad that required a code, the importance is that you are not reliant on a traditional key. More advanced models even offer biometric fingerprint scanners, so you know exactly who unlocked the door!

When you install a smart lock, you give yourself complete control over who enters your home. Many allow for temporary codes for those relatives that are just staying for the weekend, while other smart locks let you open the door from an app so you can let the pet sitter in!

The applications are endless, and you have the benefits of being able to unlock your door with your phone combined with added security.

The Ultimate Peace of Mind 

SmartLink AutomationBy utilising cameras, smart locks, and other technology that allows for a customised security response, you give yourself the ultimate peace of mind.

You can always keep an eye on your home by streaming video to your phone directly, or you can rely on the notifications to let you know what is going on. Similarly, a camera in your home can let you keep an eye on your elderly relatives or pets that may be alone during the day while you are at work!

The key is to create a personalised security strategy that will work for the unique needs of your home and family. It is also much more than just preventing theft – it is about designing a comprehensive framework of technology that will help keep your family safe and free from worry!


 is Here to Help

As you can see, incorporating home surveillance, intercom, and alarm systems into your smart home is convenient at effective. If you are looking for a trusted partner to show you how to get started, look no further. At SmartLink Automation, we are here to help you take advantage of the security and convenience of a smart home. We are an Australian owned smart home specialist – our goal is to provide simple but effective solutions that connect and automate your entire home.

Our installation experts are focused on Australian-Certified products, and their in-depth knowledge ensures that you will be satisfied with your customer solutions. They will be there to answer any questions you may have and explain everything you need to know about your secure and connected smart home!

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